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The School Staff Academic Year 2016-17


Executive Headteacher

Mr A David                                                                  

Head of School

Mrs L Bub


Teaching Staff – Year Group and Co-ordinator Roles

Mr M Biggs Year 6 Global Partnership Co-ordinator
Mrs K Archibald Year 5 PE Co-ordinator
Mrs B Chisti Year 5  
Mr K White Year 4  
Mr S Godfrey Year 4 Student Teacher
Mr V Farley Year 3  
Mrs D Gamble Year 2 Maths Co-ordinator
Mrs G Mercer Year 1 KS 1 & Science Co-ordinator
Mrs A Burney Reception  
Miss G Tompsett Reception/Y1 RE Co-ordinator
Mrs S Whittick SENCO  

Support Teachers

Miss G Tompsett Small Group Work
Mrs B Chisti  


Support Staff

General Teaching Assistants

Mrs A Roberts Infants and Juniors
Mrs A Yates Infants
Ms P Jina Juniors

SEN support

Mrs K Dhokia
Mrs L Lock
Mrs A Peacefull
Mrs N Manning
Miss K Georgiou

Mealtime Supervisors                                                                                             

Mrs N Manning
Mrs A Peacefull
Mrs J Godfrey
Mrs S Bartel

Premises Manager                                                    

Mrs J Godfrey


Mrs S Crawley
Mrs F Barrie

Breakfast Club Staff

Mrs J Godfrey
Mrs A Yates

After School Club Staff

Mrs S Bartel
Mrs A Peaceful
Mrs A Yates
Mrs L Lock