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St Paul's Cof E Primary School

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How we Learn at St Paul's

As a primary school, our core purpose is to ensure all our pupils attain the highest standards in all aspects of literacy and maths leaving this school with both high levels of attainment and having progressed well from their starting point. We believe that we will be more successful if this core goal is enshrined in a clear and shared approach to teaching and learning and to our school ethos.

 As a school, we aim:

  • To ensure that we inspire in all pupils, a love of learning and the desire to continue to learn;
  • To equip all pupils with the tools and self-confidence necessary to constructively influence their own lives;
  • To ensure that all pupils have an equal opportunity to take part in the life and work of the school;
  • To be a place every child remembers with affection.

 The following describes how we work together as a school in pursuit of these aims. These are our common principles of teaching and learning.

 Underpinning this policy are 4 aspects of school life

  • That we are Church of England primary school that honours, respects and promotes the values, traditions and systems of the Church of England and British Governance;
  1. That we uphold and promote the Convention of the Rights of a Child;
  2. That we celebrate the partnership between home and school and seek to promote this partnership where possible;
  3. That we are a globally minded school which reflects our local and global community.

Below is a link to the approach to our curriculum:

St Paul's curriculum intent, implementation and impact

Teaching and Learning Policy

Teaching and Learning Policy