Admission Criteria

Applications for Reception Class 2020


All parents of children over three years old who contact us, are offered a tour of the school and are provided with a prospectus and registration of interest form.  See the front page of the school website for dates and times of tours.


Reception Class applications are considered in the spring before children are due to start school in September.


If parents decide to make a formal application for entry into Reception Class, they must complete a Common Application Form through the eAdmissions system which can be accessed on the London Borough of Barnet website:  Please note that the closing date for applications is 15th January 2020.  You must complete an online application or the admissions committee will not be able to consider your child for a place, even if you have completed the supplementary information form.


Supplementary Information Form

If you complete a "Registration of Interest" form, a supplementary information form (SIF) will be sent to you in December 2019.  Please note, we do not send out the SIF form until December so that the information given is up to date.


Registration of Interest Form  

Admissions Criteria September 2020

The school receives final notification of the list of applicants from the London Borough of Barnet after the closing date.

Following receipt of all appropriate paperwork, the Governor’s Admissions Committee allocate the 30 available places using the criteria listed in the admissions criteria above. Parents are notified of the Governors’ decision by the London Borough of Barnet at the end of March/beginning of April. 

Should any vacancies occur, previously unsuccessful applicants, or late applicants will be re-considered in May. The London Borough of Barnet will notify parents in May.


Reception Class Admission Arrangements

Admission to Reception is normally in September of the academic year in which a child becomes 5 years old. The older children attend mornings only for the first two weeks, the younger children attend afternoons only. After the first two weeks all the children will attend full time.



Parents whose children are not offered a place have a right of appeal.  Any appeal for the September Reception Class intake must be made in writing to The Clerk to The Governors, at the school address.


Summer Born Children Entering Reception Class

The following applies to summer born children (April 1st - August 31st) admissions arrangements for the September following the child’s fourth birthday;

A place may be deferred until later in the school year but not beyond the point at which they reach compulsory school age (the term after the fifth birthday).   For children born between 1 April and 31 August, this is beyond the final term of their potential first year at school.

For children whose fifth birthday falls between 1 April and 31 August , parents who do not wish them to start school in school year of their fifth birthday, but to be admitted in September for school year following, should discuss this with the school at an early stage.  The details of the protocol to be used should be included.  Decisions must be made on the circumstances of each case and the best interests of the child.  Parental views, academic achievement, social and emotional development and where relevant medical views should be taken into consideration.  The views of the school’s head must also be taken into account.  The reasons for the decision must be clearly set out.

Parents may decide not to apply for a Reception place in the school but to apply for a Year 1 place in September of their child's sixth year.  Parents should be aware that the Year 1 group may have no vacancies as it could be full with children transferring from the standard Reception Year group.  Alternatively, they may decide to apply in the normal round (no later than January) for a Reception Year place in September, but would need to provide strong supporting reasons for seeking a place outside the normal year group and apply via the protocol outlined above.

In Year Applications

Applications received for places in classes other than Reception are retained on file. If a vacancy occurs all relevant applications are considered using the Governors’ Admissions Criteria. A waiting list is kept for all classes in the school. Children’s details remain on the list unless the school is advised otherwise. In the event of a place becoming available in any year group, it will be offered in accordance with the Admissions Criteria. If a place is offered and refused, a child’s name will be removed from the waiting list.


Admissions Criteria September 2020

To Make An In Year Application

Complete the online application form via the Parent Portal here:

If you are applying under one of the admissions criteria relating to church attendance (Criteria 2, 3, or 5) you will also need to complete a Supplementary Information Form which is available below:

Supplementary Information Form for In Year Applications