Collective Worship

Our school has a strong Christian ethos, placing emphasis on teaching children to appreciate values such as love and  respect for one another, service, encouragement, equality and forgiveness.  Through our times of worship, we provide opportunities for children and staff to reflect on many aspects of Christianity as well as exploring views of other world religions.

The children at St Paul's represent dozens of different countries but what unites us is Christ. In many ways, the global adoption of Christianity is reflected within the school.  Our regularly collective worship services reflect this diversity as do our regular church services.

Aside from our daily acts of worship we also have half termly services at St Paul's Church led by the Church; the minister of St Paul's Church, Rev Jo James, leads a fortnightly whole school service.

Worship also takes place in class through daily prayers and fortnightly class worship.

Below is our school prayer.


Heavenly father, I give to you today

All that I do, think and say.

Fill me, Jesus, with your love and joy

Help me to build up and not to destroy.

Holy Spirit, teach me to serve,

Show wisdom, tolerance; your Word I’ll preserve.

In a world full of challenge, injustice and harm,

Let me know your love, let me find calm.



2 Year Collective Worship Plan