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Please note that there are white school zig-zag lines outside the school. It is illegal to park or stop on these lines during term time pick up and drop off periods (8.45-9.00, 3.25-3.45).

Parking is limited on The Ridgeway. If you can, it is better to park a bit further away from school and walk the final section (you may hear it referred to as Park 'n Stride).  That way you will be helping with the road congestion and getting a bit of exercise as well!

Spring 2016 - Parking Enforcement

Barnet have identified 30 high risk sites around the authority, of which St Paul's is one of these sites. Each site will have an installed CCTV camera to monitor parking offences (such as parking on the school white zig-zag lines, performing three point turns or stopping illegally to drop-off). These cameras will automatically issue fines. 

This also includes parking outside the cottages between the church hall and the school where these parking areas require a residence parking permit.

Bus Routes

The school is supported by two buses: 251, 240


As of summer 2018, The Ridgeway is now a 20mph zone.  Please bear this mind as you may risk a speeding ticket.