KS1 Marking


English and Maths

Quality marking is a dialogue between the learner and the teacher that supports their learning and moves them forward. Teachers mark work in the children’s books using mats marking codes with verbal or written feedback when appropriate. Quality marking, giving detailed written feedback, will happen once a week.

Intelligent marking in Year 1 will be established progressively as the children increasingly record in their maths book.

  • All work will be marked to the learning objective.
  • The class teacher will decide whether work will simply be acknowledged or given detailed attention through quality marking.  
  • If the work is correct, the next step will be given when quality marking. The next step should be realistic to move learning forward.
  • If the work is incorrect, any misconceptions that the child may have will be addressed and supportive comments given to progress learning.
  • All other work will be acknowledged: marked or commented on as appropriate.
  • Occasionally, it may be appropriate for children to mark their own work and this will be evident by the relevant marking code.


KS1 Marking Codes



Children are measured against age expected progress against a range of learning statements.  Year groups are referred to as Bands.  Bands are 1-6 which broadly correlate to year groups e.g. an average Y2 child will be working within Band 2.   St Paul's uses tick sheets to record the progress of a child against the age-related expectations in reading, writing and maths.    Progress is shown using the colours black (beginning), red (working within) and blue (secure).


Beginning (B) You’ve begun
√ + Beginning +   (B+) You’ve started learning
√  Working within (W) You’re getting the hang of it
√ + Working within + (W+) You’re becoming confident
  Secure (S) You've got it
√ + Secure + (S+) You can teach it!





Presentation is an important element of a child's work and high standards are set throughout the school.  Each child has a sheet in the front of their English and Maths books showing the school's expectations.