School Association

St Paul's School Association

St Paul's has a vibrant school association who provide a great way to socialise with one another as well as raising thousands of pounds for the children of St Paul's each and every year.  To be a member of the Association is easy: you simply need to have a child coming to the school.  Every event, every conversation, every pound raised helps support your child's learning at school and supports becoming confident learners for the future.

Our Association has championed the school's environmental movement (with help from Ms Morrice) and the Bags2school recycling programme has now become a standard within the school and manages to raise over £700 a year with just 2 bag-drives.  Much of this money goes to charities linked to the school, including UNICEF.

The Association, in partnership with the church, have championed for over ten years the annual Shoe Box appeal by Operation Christmas Child.  Last year we equalled our school's best with 190 boxes (almost one per child).  Over the years the school has literally given hundreds and hundreds of boxes to this charity, championed by Hazel Shaw.


In recent years the money raised by the school association has been used to:

  • partially fund a sensory room
  • resource the reference library in the STEAM room
  • purchase an interactive whiteboard for Reception
  • partially fund the school's PSHE programme, Jigsaw 
  • significantly enhance the playground with Multi-Use Goal Posts, climbing walls, bounce boards, table tennis, table football, and our own ship 
  • create mini-IT suites in every classroom; to purchase two class sets of laptops 
  • Significantly add to each class library across the school 
  • Support school visits by paying for transport 
  • purchase a new set of digital tablets

It is a great organisation and a very important part of our school life.


Key People

Co-Chair: Dee Cohen

Co-Chair: Mon Kaletova