Our Syllabus

As a church school, we follow the syllabus set out by the London Diocesan Board for Schools (LDBS).  The LDBS has adopted an enquiry approach for their new syllabus. Many of the units, and indeed the lessons, have a question as a title. The syllabus has been so designed as it was felt that by using a question, the children are immediately drawn into a ‘dialogue’ with the unit, as a question requires a response, e.g. a unit title Judaism would mean little to KS1 child whereas, What Is It Like To Live As A Jew? or Why Are They Having A Jewish Party? hopefully stirs their interest and makes them want to find out. Once the question has been asked, and the children’s interest  engaged, it is hoped that the 6 carefully planned lessons within each unit would allow the children to work towards finding the answer to that initial question. 

Scheme of Work

The school year is divided into 6 half terms and each half term is allocated a unit of work from the RE scheme. However, Autumn 2 consists of a mini unit lasting two weeks followed by a four week Christmas unit and in Spring 2 a mini unit lasting two weeks will be followed  by a four week Easter unit. This was decided upon to prevent Christmas linked work being started early in November before even the season of Advent, and Easter being studied before Lent.

Curriculum Map

Example of a sample unit of work


Weekly Lessons

Each class has a weekly lesson.


In KS1 the length of the lesson should be at least 1 hour and 5 minutes.

In KS2 the length of the lesson should be at least 1 hour and 20 minutes.


Each school year, four Christianity units are studied by each class, along with two World faith units.